In just a few minutes you can
regain control of your
mobile phone bill with the
How Much?TM service

Firstly, take a look to see if How Much?TM is compatible with your mobile phone by clicking here.

If it isn't compatible, DON'T DESPAIR. It's easily resolved!

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So, great news. You now have a How Much?TM compatible phone (or you have ordered one from here). To get the service downloaded onto your new handset, just do the following:

Text the word HOWMUCH to 83070

IMPORTANT NOTE(s): As you know, the How Much?TM service is FREE. However, text messages are NOT free. Hence, to deliver the service to your new handset will be about 70p - 75p (50p text message, 10p approx "Normal Network Charges", 10p - 15p approx Network Download Charges.) If we could deliver it for free we probably would !

How Much?TM will not work on the '3' network as they only provide a "restricted" Internet service to a predefined list of websites.

You must download the service within 10 minutes of receiving the text message or the WAP-link in the message will expire.

Please read the FAQs / Quick User Guide BEFORE you download the
How Much?TM service to ensure the software gets downloaded and installed correctly.

When you text the keyword "HOWMUCH" to 83070 you will receive a text message back from us. This message will contain a link to the How Much?TM service which you simply click and the software is then automatically downloaded onto your phone.

Once downloaded, the phone automatically starts the installation of the How Much?TM service onto your mobile phone. (What follows are just a summary of the key steps in getting this fabulous service onto your phone.)

When the service arrives at your handset you will see a message similar to the following:

You select where the service is to be installed on your handset.
(The "Memory Card" is the preferred location as it usually has a lot more memory.)

And that's pretty much it - How Much?TM is now installed on your phone !

When you start the service from your phone's Application Menu (that's, the place where all of the programs on your phone are found), How Much?TM has a few very easy steps for you to tell it the details of your mobile phone package.

The info required includes your Network Provider, your Price Tariff and Bundled Minutes. (The next few screens illustrate this.)

And there you are again - How Much?TM is now ready and waiting, at your service !

The main screen (to the right) has an option for you to "Hide" the service which will place it in background mode waiting for a call to be made.

Then, whenever you make a call, it will come to the front and start displaying the cost of the call you're making at the time. (See below right)

When the call is over, How Much?TM goes into the background again.

So don't make another phone call on your mobile until you know How Much?TM money this service is saving you.

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Then, text HOWMUCH to 83070 ... and get the service Now !

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