Frequently Asked Questions & Quick User Guide

2. "Does the service work on Contract Phones and PAYG ?"

In a word - YES. The How Much?TM service is not tied to any particular Network Operator or Tariff / Package. It will run on any of the compatible phones shown here.

Again, if the exact Price-Per-Minute that you pay is not shown in the list of tariffs, then it is very likely that you will be able to personalise the software to match your tariff charge (as shown here).

Please remember that, right now, the most vital piece of information that you could have in order to manage your mobile phone bill, even better, is the cost of the call. Without the How Much?TM service the ability to control your bill is drastically reduced. With How Much?TM you have the bulk of that control restored. A strong indication of how much the call is costing is better than NO indication at all - whether Contract or PAYG.













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