A New and ** FREE ** Service that Puts YOU
in Control of your Mobile Phone Bill.

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Once you have used the How Much? TM service
You will never look at your mobile phone
in the same way again.
Guaranteed !

According to a study commissioned by T-Mobile, 10 million people in the UK fear receiving their mobile phone bill. In fact, it's the second most feared bill behind a demand from the Inland Revenue! (Source: TNS Telecoms study on behalf of T-Mobile. March 2005)

Do you think that seems a little extreme to have people who "fear" receiving their mobile phone bill? Well, possibly. Possibly Not. But whatever your response is when you receive your bill or top-up your Pay-As-You-Go phone, you most likely agree that the mobile phone has become an essential part of life for almost everyone.

And it's because they are so essential, you just accept that you go into "overspill" and spend much, much more money than you bargained for. Month ... After Month ... After Month.

But there is a way, a very simple, common-sense way that you can banish the fear, anxiety, stress or whatever else you feel when you think about the big money you spend on your mobile phone bill. And it starts by doing something ridiculously different:

Take out your mobile phone. Hold it in your right-hand. Then SHOUT what you see below at your screen. (Go on ... throw out those inhibitions!)

Wow! I don't know about you, but hell ... that felt great. Letting go of all that tension is good, soooo good - even if it seems as though you are no further forward right now!

But in fact, you are MUCH further forward because now there is a service that is *** COMPLETELY FREE *** for you to use. It puts the control of your mobile phone bill right back into the palm of your hand.

And it does all of this by simply showing you the cost of your call - NOW. This service, this elegant and FREE service, has come to be known as ...

The How Much?TM service is the single, most powerful method of managing your mobile phone bill.

It is FREE and puts YOU back in control.

The Network Operators are missing a huge opportunity here, don't you think? Some operators are losing hundreds of thousands of customers every year because the customer didn't manage his or her phone bill very well at all.

But here's the deal and the massive opportunity for the operators: getting new customers is damned hard work but keeping them is much, much easier - AS LONG AS THEY HELP US!

So, listen up Network Operators. Give us the How Much?TM service NOW! (Ideally we still want it FREE but if you can't bring yourself to do this, make sure it's just a nominal charge. Okay?)

The great thing about this service is that it's a "Win-Win" for everyone - both You and your Network Operator. How so? Well, when you see:

"This Call Is Costing You"

(as in the video clip at the top of the page) you will be better placed to avoid running-up a bill that you may not be able to manage. They win. You win. Win-Win. You will be in control ... NOW ... IMMEDIATELY ... WHILST YOU ARE ON THE PHONE !

All the fear, stress and tension surrounding the mobile phone bill will have all but disappeared!

With this fabulous service running on your mobile phone the screen will be ready to tell you How Much?TM that call is costing you whilst you are on the phone. Not days or weeks later when the bill comes in. It will be Now. Right now.

That puts you back in charge of your bill ... at the point in time that you want it the most.

After all, how many times have you, or someone you know, been on the phone to a friend, relative or work colleague "for ages" and said something like the following when the call is over:

"I bet that call cost me a fortune!"

But like most of us you just carry on with everyday living as normal, using your mobile phone, chatting with friends, family and business associates. Then one day during the month you come home from work, pick up the letters at the door and open your mobile phone bill (with your heart rate rising just a little higher than normal).

Then the "proverbial hits the fan" and you run for a beer, glass of wine or some other sedative before you scream at your mobile phone bill ... and shout ... and stamp ...and exclaim the following phrase (together with the usual expletives) ...

But with the How Much?TM service you will no longer have the shock, horror, "let's run and hide" scenario when your mobile phone bill arrives through the door. Or if you're a Pay-As-You-Go customer and your phone needs topping-up at least you won't have to scratch your head wondering where all of your credit has gone to.

No longer will you have to wonder how much all those phone calls are costing you. Instead, you can continue to use your mobile phone in the safe knowledge that you will decide how you want to manage your phone bill. The How Much?TM service has been designed to leave you in charge of your mobile phone bill - NOW!

Most of us just want to manage our bill better and all that means is when we want to spend more we will. And when we don't, we won't. Either way, we just want to know what it's going to cost us. That's all. Nothing more, Nothing less.

So don't spend another moment thinking too hard about it. Knowing right now how much each call is costing you whilst you are using your mobile phone is truly priceless. So click the blue order box shown below and get your FREE How Much?TM service on your phone - NOW!

All the very best to you,

The How Much Team

P.S. Once you have used the How Much?TM service you will never look at your mobile phone in the same way again. Guaranteed !


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